Race Purity Is an Abomination

What is “black fetishism,” and “the fetishization of blackness?”

Put simply, it’s the idea that non-black men, that is “white men,” only find black women attractive because they have “fetishized” factually and/or stereotypically black traits, or simply blackness in general.

Whether it’s a dude-bro simply curious as to “wut” in fact “dat ass do,” or a “wigger” “tryna holla at” a “black female” to “up his street cred,” there is always an ulterior motive that is inherently exploitative of the blacks, or as they say in Hollywood “blacksploitative,” and however innocent the attraction might seem, it is always harmful to black people AND BLACK CULTURE in some way for some reason, and is therefore “problematic.”

But IS IT problematic, or is the entire concept utter horseshit? Tune in RIGHT NOW to find out.

Genetic diversity is fundamental to evolution, and lack of genetic diversity results in genetic disease. This has lead animals to instinctively seek out mates that are genetically different from themselves.

The most obvious signs of genetic difference are physical appearance, and is why the gene for blue eyes can be traced back to a single mutant, because “everybody want’s to fuck the freak.”

Let’s call this the Helen of Troy principle, because the only fair skinned blonde in a country full of olive skin and black curly hair is obviously “the most beautiful woman alive.”

FACT: Asian men are more likely to be attracted to black and white women than asian women.

FACT: Black men are more likely to be attracted to white and asian women than black women.

FACT: White men are more likely to be attracted to asian and black women than white women, and if you insist otherwise you’re a racist.

This is instinct, and it not only makes sense, but is necessary, and it applies to women as well.

This means that white men wanting black women is not “fetishization of blackness,” because it is not irrational, and fetishism is by definition an “excessive and irrational devotion or commitment to a particular thing.”

On the contrary, a white man being exclusively attracted to white women, or anyone who subscribes to the concept of “race purity,” is a fetishists, as such reproductive practices go AGAINST reproductive instinct, CONFLICTS with evolution, and are THEREFORE irrational.

In short, YES, it’s horseshit, and in closing, “where the black women at?”


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